Summertime Adventures

Summer time is the best for adventures! With the sun shining and the weather just right, Hawaii has loads of places to explore. Living on Oahu, we have an extensive amount of beautiful mountains and oceans. Some of the best beaches may be right down the road from you!


Outrigger Canoe on Lanikai Beach of Oahu Hawaii

Some of our favorite beaches to visit are Lanikai Beach, which is located in the beautiful town of Kailua on the Windward side. This beach is calm all year long, offering great swimming conditions, and beautiful views. About less than a mile off shore, there are two small islands which house bird sanctuaries. Honu’s (Hawaiian sea turtles) and reef fish are often seen here, so be sure to respect the sea creatures while visiting.


Hawaii Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is another great beach spot. Waikiki Beach is probably Hawaii’s most famous beach that offers a 2-mile stretch of white sand, which is divided into sections by various hotels. Waikiki Beach stays connected by a boardwalk running all through the 2-mile stretch. Swimming and surfing, as well as fun activities are available all year long as this beach also offers peaceful waters.


Hawaii is often the popular tourist attraction due to all of the unique places we have in store. Although visitors may come and go, many of us living out here rarely have time to explore our beautiful aina (land).

Here are a few cool hiking spots on Oahu if you ever feel like exploring this summer:

Rail from the mountain

  • Ka’au Crater: Offers 5 hours of waterfalls, rope climbing, and a huge crater with panoramic views
  • Olomana Trail: This hike is not for the beginners; you will experience a challenge with beautiful views
  • Wiliwilinui Ridge: This hike will give you panoramic views of Waikiki and the beautiful waters of the east coast of Oahu.
  • Koko Head: This hike offers a great workout that will make your legs feel like Jell-O! After completion, you will get to see the awesome views over the ridge.

Always remember to stay safe, follow all posted signs, and keep hydrated this summer. If you visit any of these spots this summer, be sure to tag us on our social media so we can see your awesome adventures!




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