Mother’s Day as we know it has been around since 1908.

Mother’s Day is the busiest day for florists, followed by Valentine’s Day, according to Across the nation, grammar school children, full of pride, present their lovingly-made art projects as gifts to their mothers. There is a lot of attention given to this day, and rightfully so, as it’s a wonderful opportunity to show our appreciation for everything that mothers do for us.

We, too, at Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union would like to give a tribute to all our employees’ moms.  Those special ladies who raised our stellar staff, who go beyond to assist with their grandchildren, and who will always be their child’s biggest supporter.

Our staff went on camera to say why, “My Mom ROCKS”!  From cancer survivors, great cooks, and hard workers, to just being the best friend we’ll ever have, the reasons were as diverse and unique as our moms themselves.  They truly exemplify what it means to ROCK!

Check out our videos below:
Kapolei Branch

Maui Branch

King Street Branch

New Accounts Dept

Marketing Dept

Thank you MOMS, for all that you do!

Why does YOUR mom ROCK?



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