Dream Adventures

I recently came across an article about Expedia’s latest campaign with St.  Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and it is awesome!

The campaign is called “St. Jude Dream Adventures” and took over a year to put together.  Expedia worked with St. Jude’s to find children in the hospital who had dreams of traveling, but due to their illness, would not be able to.  Four children were picked and paired with an Expedia employee.

Expedia then had a temporary installation set up in a room in the hospital that allowed the children to experience their very own “dream adventure” in a 360º view, as if they were really there!  The Expedia employees were sent out to those dream places with a special camera that streamed live to the room so that the children could talk directly with the Expedia employee and ask questions.

From running with wild horses in the Argentinian Plain, digging for fossils in the desert, to even scuba diving in the pristine waters of Mexico, Expedia is doing a wonderful job bringing the outside world to the children of St. Jude’s.

Check out the full article here, complete with videos featuring each child, or visit Expedia’s YouTube channel for a complete list of their videos and other campaigns.



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