Volunteering at the Les Murakami Stadium

This past Saturday, October 17, HiTel FCU employees had the opportunity to volunteer at University of Hawaii’s Les Murakami Stadium to help with renovations.  Armed with brushes, rollers, and green paint, we broke into groups and were tasked with painting the dugouts and sprucing up the stands.


It was a bright and sunny day for the most part, but a few showers caused the newly painted walls to run!  Despite the rain, we persevered and continued to paint and retouch the areas that got wet.

After a daunting 4 hours, we completed our share of the stadium renovations and were rewarded with pizza and refreshments.  The UH baseball coach and the team were even there to join us and thanked us for our efforts.

This was the first time that HiTel FCU volunteered at the stadium and it was time well spent.  It was a fun, new experience for our employees, and with ICU Day having just passed, it was a great reminder of who we are and what we do – we are people helping people make their dreams come true.

Mahalo to everyone who came out to volunteer!

P1020604 P1020605


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