A Lesson from Rachel Pross

iStock_000075063043_LargeSometimes we are so caught up with work, we forget to just sit back and enjoy life.  For those of us with children, it is sometimes hard to find a balance with working and spending ample time with family.

I recently came across an article written by Rachel Pross about one of her personal experiences regarding her outlook on life, fittingly entitled “How an Awkward Middle Kid and a Super Blood Moon Changed My Outlook”.

In her article, she talks about her son, who is going through his awkward teenage phase and is fascinated by the blood red super moon that came out a couple weekends ago.  Although the family initially all stood out in their yard to watch the moon, they soon started to disperse back into the house…except for her middle child who was still looking into the telescope.  Pross heads back out to accompany her son, and he simply turns to her and says, “this is really something, isn’t it, mom?”

Those words alone put everything in perspective for Pross as she silently studied her son.  She learned to appreciate that moment with her son and appreciated his innocent wisdom and fascination of the universe.

Her article is a great reminder for us to appreciate our children and the little things in life that we may overlook.  Rachel Pross is an advocate for credit unions and has written many helpful and thoughtful articles.  You can read the full story about her son and the blood red moon here, or check out more of her articles here.


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