Happy National Wildlife Day!


Have you ever stopped to look around and see what kind of wildlife we have here in Hawaii?

Hawaii has a unique ecosystem with various plants and animals, many of which are endangered or endemic (in other words, they can only be found here).  Like the photo above, we see a lot of lizards and birds here, and out in the ocean, it is easy to catch a glimpse of turtles and jellyfish!

Our local zoos, aquariums, and all the different botanical gardens provide tons of information about the plants and wildlife we have here, both local and transported from other places.  We are lucky to live in such a unique place with such beautiful creatures and be able to learn about them all!

National Wildlife Day was created to help spread awareness of endangered animals and an appreciation for wildlife and places that help to preserve and educate.

So, in honor of National Wildlife Day, don’t forget to take a moment to look at your surroundings to see all the wildlife that Hawaii has to offer!  Let us know what you find!


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