Kunia Branch Opening

On Monday, March 18th, we opened our second branch within a Walmart store!  This branch is located inside the Kunia Walmart.  If you park on their roof parking lot and take the elevator down, you will find that the elevator opens up right next to our branch!  The first things you will notice are the sleek countertops and bright signage on our television.  Then you will see the friendly familiar faces of our tellers!  They are ready to serve you with any financial needs!

Here are some photos from the soft-opening:

Pastor John of Hope Chapel Ala Moana blessed our branch

Anne and Pastor John unwrapped the maile lei

Anne had the honors of opening up the branch

Anne, the Kunia Branch Manager, and President Norman Okimoto

Chaiman Glen Moribe, Pastor John, VP of Marketing and I.T. Paulette Ito, President Norman Okimoto, and Board Member Scotty Bowman

Here is the Kunia Team: Brenlyn, Sharla, Anne, Christine, and Ed

Christine took a quick photo with the first member to visit our Kunia Branch!


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