Halloween Costume Contest

Every Halloween, the employees here at HiTel FCU have a friendly costume contest!

Each department and branch create a theme, decorate their spaces, and produce a skit for three special judges.  On Halloween day, judges view the costumes and skits and give scores based on creativity, originality, and team spirit!  The maximum amount of points a department can receive is 45.

Take a look at all the great costumes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Marketing won first place in the costume contest with their Cat in the Hat costumes and creative skit that mixed local tastes like furikake and shoyu on rice with the classic story of Green Eggs and Ham.  Sales took second place with their hilarious adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood.  Their skit included “bugaong cookies” and a very manly looking Red Riding Hood character.  Loans placed third with their inventive twist on the Summer Olympics.  They held an “Old-Lympics”, showing us what it might look like if seniors held their own Olympic games.

For branches, Bishop took first place because of their impeccable costumes and because of the way they transformed their branch into the “HiTel Correctional Facility”.  Their skit included confessions of their “criminal lives” and a clean and energetic performance of Psy’s “Gagnam Star” dance routine.

This year, we wanted to spice up our contest a bit so we asked our members to participate!  We set up our first ever Members’ Choice Award for this contest, which took place on our Facebook fanpage.  Members had until November 2nd to vote for their favorite costume!

The winner chosen by our members was the KAIMUKI branch!

Halloween is definitely one of our favorite times of the year!  Who knows what the creative people in our staff will think of next year??


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