Giant Panda Gives Birth!

On Sunday, July 29, at around 2:20 PM, giant panda Bai Yun gave birth to her sixth cub at the San Diego Zoo!  With her sixth cub, Bai Yun has had more cubs than any other giant panda outside of China.  She is nearly 21 years old, making her one of the oldest giant pandas known to give birth to a cub!

Giant panda cubs are usually hairless and lacking in body fat, so Bai Yun keeps busy by cuddling her cub and readjusting her position when the cub cries out.

WATCH: Video of Bai Yun gently cradling her new cub
WATCH:  First look at the new cub!

The San Diego Zoo Global program has made great strides with giant panda conservation.  Their researchers developed a thermal imaging technique to detect early pregnancy for giant pandas.  This technology produced the first surviving giant panda cub in North America through artificial insemination.

If you’re planning to visit the San Diego Zoo soon, log on to our website for some great savings!  With the Click and Go Wild Program, members can save $4 off both the adult and child ticket prices!  Simply visit our San Diego Zoo page and follow the directions!


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