Safeguard Your Cards!

Plastic card fraud statistics are up–the number of U.S. identity fraud victims rose 12 percent to 11.1 million adults (Source: Javelin Strategy & Research, “Identity Fraud Survey Report).

We all need to be responsible and aware of actions that will minimize risk and keep our cards safe.

Here are 10 good habits to practice to keep your cards safe:

1.  Sign your cards with permanent ink as soon as you receive them.
2.  Delete urgent e-mails requesting personal information.
3.  Carry only cards you’re going to use.  Leave all other cards at a safe place at home.
4.  Review card transactions carefully as soon as you receive your statement.
5.  Shred receipts and statements unless you need them for proof of purchase, warranty authorization, or tax purposes.
6.  Review online account regularly.
7.  Routinely check your credit report for errors and unauthorized accounts.  Each major credit bureau must provide a free credit report annually to consumers who request a copy.
8.  Before travelling, notify your card issuer of the location and time frame to account for changes in your card use.
9.  Report card loss to your issuer immediately.
10.  Report your card fraud to the authorities.


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