Mariner’s Ridge Hike

Mariners RidgeView from the top of the trail  Taken 06/10/12

Mariner’s Ridge Hike is a great hike for beginners.  It is about a 1.5 miles and takes about 45 minutes one way.  Standard hiking gear is recommended; sunblock, shoes (we have seen hikers go barefoot or in slippers!), athletic shirt and shorts, a hat, and a water bottle.  The gentle incline of this hike makes it family friendly, while still providing enough incline to make you break a sweat.  During summer, we recommend trying out this hike in the early morning around 8am or in the evening around 4pm to avoid the small crowds and direct heat of the sun.

The trail features mixed terrain, from dusty rock to steady inclines covered in a thick layer of pine needles. Its path is clearly lined with pine needles and the occational boulder with a swirl mark engraved in it. The hike is comfortable because of a combination of the generous shade from tightly growing trees and the cool Hawaiian tradewinds.  On the way up, there are several places to stop to catch your breath and take in the incredible views.

Our favorite post-hike treats can be found at Kokonuts (ice cold acai bowls) and at Costco (ceaser salad and hot dogs)!




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